Abandoned Cats and Kittens rescued from all kinds of situations.  Each Cat has its own Story.

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Find One to match your personality! Visit one of these four Animal Shelters first and look around. Friendly, affectionate, adoptable Cats and Dogs are waiting for you there!

Do you have room to take just one of these friendly and playful Cats or Kittens or dogs home with you?

 IT'S EASY TO ADOPT! All shots, exams, and spaying/neutering for these cats and kittens has already been done. Come by any day, 7 days a week, just to look around at any one of these three shelters. You can give one of these cats a home. Teach your child the responsibility of learning how to care for and raise a cat or kitten which will become your best friend. Cats are well groomed and clean. Many are very friendly, playful and affectionate. Each cat has a unique personality, so you can find one that's just for your personality.
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"Lucky"- One year old (neutered) male. Chow mix. Great with children and other dogs. VERY HAPPY and PLAYFUL.
Estherville Animal Shelter(518)-893-7451 estherville100@nycap.rr.com
Noel - Female Spayed Rott mix. Very Good with children. She has only 3 legs but can still jump around and play like a puppy. She is two years old and really wants to have a home.

Jordan (male) Special needs cat. (Leukemia positive). Needs to go to a single cat home.
Estherville Shelter
(518)-893-7451 estherville100@nycap.rr.com
Estherville Animal Shelter


Noel - Female Spayed Rott mix. Very Good with children. She has only 3 legs but can still jump around and play like a puppy. She is two years old and really wants to have a home.

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(above) My name is Febe and I was found abandoned in an empty lot near the Bronx. Please help me. You can come and see me at Estherville Animal Shelter to take me home with you.  (518)-893-7451  estherville100@nycap.rr.com

Sara (female) (has one eye) Special needs Leuk, Pos.


Sally (Special Needs) FIV Pos. however can live a very good life in the right home. FIV is not transmittable to humans.  at Estherville Shelter, 100 Russell Road, Greenfield Center, NY.(518)893-7451 estherville100@nycap.rr.com

Madison (below, left) male healthy, All shots, neutered. Very friendly. Affectionate.




Estherville Animal Shelter  (518)-893-7451  estherville100@nycap.rr.com

"Papa"    Neutered  male around 3 years old Lab mix
Great dog - good with children and other dogs. Loves to play. "I am very strong".

Estherville Shelter.  518-893-7451. Greenfield Center, NY. (Saratoga County N.Y.)estherville100@nycap.rr.com

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(518)-893-7451. (above) - My name is "Rza" MaleNeutered 1 1/2 years old
shep mix.  Great with children and other dogs.(Arrived 1/4/06)

Cleo- (female) - all shots. Playful, very friendly, affectionate.  At Estherville. (518)-893-7451

Hey, look at me the little one. I am a 7 month old female spayed and oh so sweet.. I was born with one bad eye so I look like I'm weeping when I'm not. I am in need of a loving home.

Hello, my name is 'Pepper'. (Male) (Neutered)   11 years old Akita mix
"I have lived at the shelter for 8 years and I would really like a nice home for the last years of my life".

My name is Red I am a neutered male Husky. I love kids and other dogs. I am only 1 1/2 years old.
I am house broke and am wishing for a home.


My name is Cammy. I'm a spayed female hound mix. I am 4 years old great with kid and other dogs.
I am very happy and friendly. Please take me home.  (518)-893-7451
Yonkers Animal Shelter Sammy -  "Please adopt me!" - This gentleman is three years old and is declawed. He was adopted as a kitten but his owner had a breakdown and could'nt take care of him so he was brought to the shelter.

120 Fullerton Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10704

914- 377-6730   'Sammy'


Yonkers Dog List


Yonkers Cat List

Peanut - Yonkers Shelter.


 Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter


"Hi, my name is Dotie and I was abandoned by my owner and dropped off at the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter. I'm a gentle cat. I'll be your best friend and like to sit in your lap." mvcacshelter@aol.com


Estherville Animal Shelter

Julianna, (Female) Spayed and Healthy. about 8 months old. I am very loving. I can be a little shy. I love to play. I hope to have a home someday.     (518) 893-7451 estherville100@nycap.rr.com

I am a 7 month old female. I am very active. I'm healthy and spayed. I would make you smile and laugh. Please give me a chance

Estherville Animal Shelter:     (518)-893-7451 estherville100@nycap.rr.com
My name is Jerry I'm a neutered male. I'm 3 years old. I love to eat and play outside. I'm healthy and ready for a home.

Estherville Animal Shelter:     (518)-893-7451 estherville100@nycap.rr.com


I am a very loving 5 Month old Female lab mix. I love kids I get along with other dogs and I am house broke. I just need someone to love me. Help me!





Sparky, (Right), Hound mix, Male, Neutered,  3 years old. I am very mellow. I get along  with other dogs and Love kids.




Elmsford Animal Shelter

Elda and a friend at the Elmsford Animal Shelter. Elmsford, NY. (off Interstate 287, off route 9A north (914)-592-7334  (in Westchester County N.Y.)

Ask for "Dusty"- Elmsford  Shelter.

and see other friendly cats like us.

Elmsford Animal Shelter.

"My name is Shadow".  Find a cat with a personality just for you at  the Elmsford Animal Shelter. In Westchester County in New York. (914)-592-7334.

For PACMAN and BIG BERT - ''Great Barn Cats  - Email The Pet Detective at: catman@skullman.com

Pacman and Big Bert will be great mouse chasers!  They just need to be fed by you in your barn.

Chucky and Nicky - Elmsford Animal Shelter. (914)592-7334

    Sundae (A sweetheart) is a young adult but small. She is a nice small package with beautiful markings, very loveable and affectionate. Come to the Elmsford Shelter to take her home with you.

Elmsford Animal Shelter     (914)-592-7334

Come by any day to adopt 'Sundae'


Estherville Animal Shelter(518) 893-7451 estherville100@nycap.rr.com

Face it you know I'm the best. Look at how sweet I am. My name is K.C. . I'm a neutered male, declawed. I am 7 years old and looking for a lap to lay on.

"Hey, My name is Obie. I once had love and a warm home now I'm alone. I wonder did I grow too old, or did they. I am 11years old a German Shepherd Male, neutered. I'm Very good with children."


Stop by to see many adoptable Cats, Dogs and kittens at:

    Estherville Animal Shelter        (518)-893-7451 

But hurry, because they get adopted fast!!!!



To see more cats and kittens that are looking for loving homes see:

Forgotten Felines

Stop in at the Estherville Animal Shelter: (518) 893-7451 All cats are spayed / neutered and have all shots- ready to be adopted into good homes. You are always welcome to stop by the Estherville Animal Shelter just to look around. (located: 100 Russell Road, Greenfield Center, NY. (5 miles north of Saratoga Springs off Route 9N north). "mailto:estherville100@nycap.rr.com" (Located in Saratoga County in New York state).

You can also visit the Elmsford Animal Shelter in Elmsford, NY. to view one of 700 Adoptable Cats and kittens 7 days a week, (Hours: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM) Their telephone number is:(914)592-7334 All shots, exams, and spaying for the cats are already included. Will you take one of these precious cats or kittens home with you? (Located in Westchester County in New York State). (near White Plains, N.Y.).

You can also stop by the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter: (914)-665-2444. (located near the 'ICE HUTCH' Sports Dome in Mt. Vernon, NY. at 600 Garden Avenue) (just north of the Bronx city line). (Right in back of the new Target department store off Sanford Boulevard / Hutchinson River Parkway). (Located in Westchester County in New York State). "mailto:mvcacshelter@aol.com"

 For more lovable cats and kittens also check out the Forgotten Felines link:  Forgotten Felines

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